About Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry

The Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry (PIPC) is the largest industry organisation representing the sector in the national and international arena. We are the most important representative of companies and institutions connected with the Polish chemical industry in their relations with public administration bodies, European administration authorities, and industry organisations.

The Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry is a member of key business and scientific associations in Poland and is the only organisation entitled to represent the Polish chemical industry in the international arena.

Objective and scope of activity

Advocacy of the industry’s interests

The Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry is the only representative of the entire chemical industry in Poland. It is a powerful voice of this strategic sector of the economy in relations with various groups of stakeholders. The most important areas of our activity include the rights and interests of our Members and the economic and social aspects of their functioning.

Legislative process

The Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry takes active part in hundreds of national and EU legislative processes and in the process of shaping regulatory solutions. We present the standpoint of the industry to parliamentary and governmental bodies, central institutions, and EU authorities. We also conduct legislative monitoring.


The Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry organises numerous conferences, seminars, and meetings dedicated to the most important aspects of the daily activity of the domestic chemical sector and the challenges faced by the entire industry. We search for the best pro-growth solutions for the whole sector. We prepare many substantive analyses representing both the entire sector and its individual constituents.


The Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry takes action aimed at protecting our members against disadvantageous solutions proposed by public and local administration bodies, EU authorities, and other organisations.

PIPC Members

Among the members of the Chamber are

  • The largest manufacturers of chemicals
  • Refining and petrochemical companies
  • Transport companies
  • Distribution companies
  • Branches of foreign companies
  • Design studios
  • Consulting companies
  • Technology companies
  • Scientific and research institutes
  • Law firms

Strategic areas od activity

PIPC's Startegic areas of Activity