About Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry

Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry (PIPC) is an association of chemical industry in Poland representing it’s Members in relations with national and European administration and in international organizations.

Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry was established in 1988. In 2001 merged with the Association of the Chemical Industry Employers in Poland established in 1994.

In accordance with the Statute the scope of activity covers areas implemented by both organizations and is their continuation.

Objective and scope of activity

  1. Support the development of the chemical industry;
  2. Monitoring of economic and sociallegislation towards support of sustainable development of the chemical industry taking into account the rights of the Members;
  3. Representation of theeconomic and social interests of Members at the national and international level;
  4. Protectionof the rights and represent the interests of the Members to authorities and state administration, local government authorities and other authorities, trade unions and other organizations.

Among the members of the Chamber are

  1. Majormanufacturers of chemicals;
  2. supporting companies (transport, maintanance, project offices and other);
  3. Branches offoreign chemical companies;
  4. Scientific institutes.

PIPC is a member of the Polish Chamber of Commerce and a number of international associations, including – as the only Polish organization – is a real member of the European Chemical Industry Council CEFIC. PIPC is authorized to represent the Polish chemical industry in the international arena.

Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry is the implementer of a number of internal projects devoted to safety in chemical industry, energy and raw materials and education.

PIPC also implements projects financed from the EU budget such as „ChemLog T&T” or „SPiCE3” andsupervises implementation of the „Responsible Care” program in Poland. Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry organizes Congress „Polska Chemia”.